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Dear Sir
We have placed an order to you for Craftam Backflow idol,
We hope you are authorized seller for sell Craftam Products and you will be sent original Item.
KIndly sent as soon as possible and don’t forget sent a bill copy, We always need a bill to asure 100% original Product.
Manoj Jain


Subject: Regarding Copyright product remove from you Amazon Listing


Action Need: Remove Listing and inform us by reply to this email

We are the owner of the trademarked brand Craftam® ( REGISTERED TM 3756924 ). You are currently matching one of our ASIN which is for our registered trademark product. We have observed that you are selling counterfeit products using our brand logo on Amazon. This is an infringement on our trademark and violates trademark policy.

Your use of the “Craftam” trademark on products not from us exposes you to liability to us for counterfeiting and an unauthorized replica of trademark merchandise.

Please remove your offering from this ASIN which includes our trademark. I would like to give you the opportunity to remove all product offerings from “Craftam” branded listings immediately, or I will be forced to involve Seller Performance Team regarding this situation and take further legal action.

If you do not remove listing immediately, we have to place an order to you to take legal actions.

Please consider this as my last warning after which I will directly lodge a complaint on regarding this which may result in deactivation of your seller account.

Manoj Jain

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