Handicraft in Rajasthan

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India’s biggest state Rajasthan, Not only famous for his historical Place but it is also famous for Rajasthani Handicrafts. That way it is ‘Treasure trove of Indian handicrafts’ Handicrafts and art of this land makes it, a great place of world,

Marble Handicrafts

The era of marble crafting started from the early age or can say when Mughals ruled India. In that period the Mughal Emperors trained and skilled the craftsmen in the crafting of marble and later on, they were adored by Rajputana Rulers. And most of the Rajputana rulers were from the land of Rajasthan so in later time Rajasthan becomes the hub of Marble Handicrafts.


Scaled-down artworks, representations, cultured artistic creations, wall paintings, compositions on material and furniture, henna body workmanship, household canvases and mandana (the craft of beautifying houses) are simply of the different type of energetically hued and unpredictable Rajasthani Handicrafts paintings.

Carpets and Dhurries

Floor covers like rugs, hand-woven durries and namdas or delicate woollen druggets of Rajasthan are sent out everywhere throughout the world. Accessible in all sizes, the dhurrie is woven in Jaipur and furthermore in the provincial regions of the state.


: Printed, colored or weaved textures of Rajasthan are known for their novel tints and tones of shading. Square printing, batik, tie and color has turned into an undeniable work of art here. Every locale has its own particular themes, selection of hues, and the manner by which these hues are utilized


Painted wooden heads, hands made just by stuffing clothes or cotton into the sleeve of the dress, with painted appearances, angled eyebrows, mustache for men and nose ring for ladies and huge expressive eyes all over, manikins are hung with dresses produced using sequined old textures


The various districts of Rajasthan have unmistakable style of earthenware. Jaipur is well known for its blue coated stoneware that doesn’t utilize straightforward dirt however ground quartz stone, more full’s earth and sodium sulphate.Terra-cotta ceramics is additionally very prominent in Rajasthan.

Leather ware

In Rajasthan, jootis (the weaved footwear the general population wear), seats, packs and pockets are by all account not the only articles made out of creature skins. Different uses to which they are regularly put are making backs of seats weaved with woolen themes.

Metal Crafts

Begun off with decorating the regal protective layer, the metal specialties of Rajasthan now enhance table tops, divider plates, cups, silver creature figures, caparisoned elephants with human figures over a howdah (a melodic instrument). Jaipur, Alwar and Jodhpur are well known for their metal products.


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